What does the LV presbyopic pattern represent?

The pattern of each LV presbyopia is the same, but the distance at the hem is not necessarily symmetrical. There may be many people who want to determine whether it is a genuine product through the pattern margin at the hem. In fact, the hem margin of the pattern may be slightly different for each bag. Because the size of LV's presbyopic pattern is the same, it may not be the same when hemming. A netizen showed me an LV bag made by Pindong. I saw that the pattern size and symmetry are very good, so it is difficult to distinguish from this point. Knowledge point: A well-made imitation product cannot be distinguished from the true and false in terms of pattern symmetry, and another identification point must be found. Of course, you can tell at a glance if you do poorly.

What does the LV presbyopia pattern represent?

LV stands for traveler, the four-pointed star stands for the direction of travel, the diamond stands for harvest, and the flower stands for scenery. More than a century has passed, and the monogram canvas bag with the unique pattern of "LV" logo has become a fashion classic along with rich legendary colors and elegant designs.

The origin of LV presbyopia pattern

In 1892, Mr. Louis Vuitton died. Four years later, his son George Vuitton created a unique "old flower" pattern in memory of his father. For more than a century since then, the old flower pattern has never faded out of people's sight, and it has gradually transformed from a symbol containing private memories to a world-famous symbol of luxury.

The presbyopic pattern uses coffee brown as the background color, and the brand initials L and V are intertwined in a clear way.

The most memorable thing is the intricately designed diamond pattern: the diamond is generally in the shape of a concave rhombus, the inner center is designed in the shape of a four-petal pointed flower, and the outer layer is surrounded by a circle, which makes the shape unique.

Regarding the design of the old flower pattern, someone joked that the source of George's inspiration may be the tiles on the Vuitton family mansion. No matter where the inspiration comes from, there is no doubt that the presbyopia is now well-known from the name to the pattern, and has become a classic logo of the Louis Vuitton brand.