The authenticity identification method of Gucci Gucci Dionysus bag

Speaking of Gucci’s hottest bags, the Bacchus bag is definitely one of them. In recent years, more people like GUCCI. The Gucci Bacchus bag has attracted many white-collar workers with its wild, atmospheric and luxurious advantages, and it Practicality is recognized as the best, so the counters are often out of stock. There are several sizes of this handbag, and more people buy it. There are more than 10,000 counters, which is not cheap, but the keen imitation market has also begun to counterfeit in large quantities, so today I will tell you how to identify the Bacchus bag today!

The most conspicuous place of this bag is of course this big tiger buckle!

1. Look at the metal tiger buckle first

The true and false comparison is as follows

The original product has clear texture, looks more energetic, and the metal is brighter; the imitation product looks rougher, the carving is more sluggish, and the color is darker

2. Look at the texture of the noodles

The genuine product has complicated craftsmanship and clear and neat texture; while the imitation texture is poor and the texture is blurred

3. Look at the security label

Comparing the GUCCI LOGO, the G of the imitation product is a bit fatter, and the hook on the top is relatively sharp. Those who are familiar with the GUCCI logo will know that it is an imitation product when they see the picture below.

4. Look at the mark of the dust bag

Genuine printing is coherent and clear, and the fabric feels smooth; imitation printing is blurry and inconsistent, and the fabric feels rough

5. Look at the hardware nails

The genuine metal is processed by a special matte process and cannot reflect other objects; while the imitation is smooth metal, like a mirror

Grasp these identification points, it is easier to analyze the authenticity of gucci bags.