How to see the authenticity of Gucci old shoes

Today I will share with you an example of authenticity identification of replica Gucci  shoes.

Gucci old shoes are not difficult to distinguish between true and false. First of all, we can have a rough comparison from the appearance. In addition, many details on the shoes can actually be used as a basis for distinguishing true from false.

The difference between genuine and imitation Gucci old shoes

1. Look at the shoe shape and leather: the genuine front shoe has a bulging shape, and the foot feels comfortable, and it will definitely not press the foot. The cortex is delicate, and the details are processed carefully (no broken leather interface)

2. Look at the soles: authentic soles are clearly marked with three-dimensional impression, and there will be no burrs.

3. Look at the heel and details: the genuine heel is clearly marked with three-dimensional impression. The mark on the tongue of the shoe is carefully routed and will not be threaded, and will emit light when irradiated by ultraviolet light.

4. Tongue label. At first glance, there is no obvious difference between the imitation tongue label.

Illuminated by ultraviolet light, the tongue of the genuine shoe shines, and the GUCCI letters are embroidered.

5. Toe-toe routing

The genuine toe toe line is buried in a double line, no extra thread, and the pinhole treatment is neat and free of frizz.

Well, all the details of the above pair of GUCCI daddy shoes have been compared. Do you already have a general impression in your heart?