Women's leisure bag matching method

Leisure bag is a bag corresponding to the work pack of a briefcase, a file package, which is mainly used in shopping, travel, participating in Party and gatherings, very casual and fashionable. However, if you want your own match into the focus, you must know how to choose a suitable matching method for yourself to pay attention to others.


The big red casual bag is already enough. It is assumed to be such a large flaming. People will not lose their horizons in the sea! The special reminder is that there is such a dazzling bag, remember not to remember Wearing flowers and green, otherwise I thought it was a big red envelope out of the street, which is too glaring. So, it is a simple color assumption of gray, black, white, simple, jeans, pastel shoes, boots, will be able to break out such big bags.


Black and white is very model, red and white, very dazzling, red short top + white trousers, make up the gold share, the bow is very beautiful, for the thick white plus, this In the fall, you can beautiful and fresh.


The wine red retro bag is a retro trend in spring and summer, with a common eye-catching retro metal color, with your visual space, on the basis of a hipster, and a mystery and sexy beauty. The chic bag planning, with ancient Hardware lock, elegant charm is like a guzheng music, and the elegance of the ancient wind is full, add a luxurious smell. With a retro clothing, don't have a flavor.


In the same bag, in addition to considering the color, style, style of the clothing, you must pay attention to the characteristics of personal skin color and body type, avoiding the dark feelings of the skin and the shortcomings of the segment, let you seem to have no Shiny and tip.